PREMIERE: Hey Rosetta! Unveil Gleaming Single, 'Kintsukuroi'
  • MONDAY, AUGUST 04, 2014

  • Posted by: Matt Howard

Life is a fragile object, but it's one whose cracks are meant for mending. With a plaster concoction of experience and hard lessons, your life's broken pieces are reassembled and reinforced. This metaphor flows through the lustrous crevasses of Hey Rosetta!'s newest single, "Kintsukuroi", which is named after the Japanese art form of fixing broken pottery with far more tenacious adhesives like gold, platinum and silver.

Hey Rosetta! are bursting with symbolism on their forthcoming full-length, Second Sight, on which "Kintsukuroi" is the leading single. Tim Baker, lead singer/songwriter of the Canadian seven-piece described the album and its artwork:

"The title and the artwork articulate one of the major themes throughout the record — that of finding and using a "second sight". Not necessarily the traditional supernatural definition of remote viewing or seeing into the future, but more generally nurturing an alternative way of seeing your life. It's a way of seeing with your intuition, with your body, with your faith (in whatever) as opposed to seeing only with your eyes, your rationality, your everyday brain."

We're pleased to be premiering "Kintsukuroi" — a song with a bright melody that's a well-fortified reminder to check out Second Sight when it's released on October 21st via Sonic Records.

Photo: Vanessa Heins

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