The Baeble Next: Oxymorrons' Striking Hip Hop And Rock Dualities
  • TUESDAY, AUGUST 25, 2015

  • Posted by: Don Saas

I've been running editorial on Baeble for about five months now, and it's probably not a big secret at this point that I'm a bit of a hip-hop head. And so I'm always looking for new and upcoming rap artists to feature on the site because I think some of the most exciting innovations in music today is coming from the rap scene. Listen to To Pimp A Butterfly, and tell me that it isn't as thematically/structurally/sonically adventurous as anything Radiohead has put out in the last ten years. And the second I was introduced to Queens alt hip-hop trio Oxymorrons, I knew I had to feature them on the site.

Oxymorrons just released the music video for their killer track, "Want It All," and it immediately marks Oxymorrons as the heirs to the Stankonia-era Outkast throne. With its thudding fusion of rock and funk as well as hard-hitting hip-hop rhymes, "Want It All" hits multiple genre pleasure centers at once without watering down any of the genres it works in. We had the chance to chat with the trio about their music and their social media outreach. Be sure to snag their LP, Complex But Basic, when it's released through Tommy Boy Records.

[Ed. Note: I didn't write these questions but I also misheard that same lyric that the girl who came up with the questions heard in the first question.]

I noticed the lyrics "Bring your head, girl, f*ck with a geek" in "Want It All." Is this a reference to your #geeklife hashtag? What is the idea behind #geeklife?

Lol...The line is "bring it here baby girl, F*ck with a Geek" which yes is in reference to GeekLife, which is about our lifestyle. It's not your conventional definition of "Geek." Any & everyone can be a Geek. It's about being passionate about [what] you do. Whether it's fashion, music, video games, business ect...geek out about it. It's having a blind dedication to what you love whether it's deemed cool or not.

Does "Want It All" represents the energy/vibe of Complex But Basic? What can we expect from the album that isn't represented on this particular track?

We are Oxymorrons; we've been bending genres way before it was accepted. Lol actually it's still kind of not. The album will be a part of our story. The complexities & dualities of our lives not just our music. You don't live your life in one vibe. Want it all is one situation in life there will be many vibes on this project. The things you can expect is it will be exciting & extremely creative.

Do you feel that being from Queens has influenced your sound or your identity?

Yes of course we grew up in Queens. Music is a reflection of your life. The location you grew up in influences your life and identity. Queens being a diverse borough played a part in how diverse we are.
As a band that utilizes significant amounts of funk, hip-hop, and even rock in your sound, I'm sure you get asked all the time about who your most prominent sonic influences are. So instead, what were some individual records that you think had the biggest influence on you all as songwriters?

That list is extremely long. As songwriters we are influence by so many things. Over the years firm listening to Billy Joel, Queen, James brown, Michael Jackson, Blink 182 , Kanye west, Outkast , N.E.R.D , Kid Cudi .... The list goes on. We are students of music and many songs and artist have played a role in how we craft what we do.

Where do you guys see yourselves going from here? Of course the album isn't even out yet, so maybe it's too soon to be asking about the future, but are you guys starting to look to the future?

Honestly we hope [to] change the perception of what "Urban Music" should be. We want to be the voice that reminds people that music transcends location, race, gender & economic class . Great songs are great songs!! Regardless of any boxes we try to place them and the people who create them in.

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