Meghann Wright's Warped Tour Memories
  • TUESDAY, JULY 07, 2015

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[Ed. Note: We're trying something new with Baeble today though we've experimented with it in the past: guest bloggers! One of our mission statements here at Baeble is giving the public an inside look through our video and editorial at the story of music and what better way to do that than to let artists tell those stories themselves. Alt-rocker Meghann Wright (her Facebook page can be found at that link and her personal website here) is one of the few female performers at this year's Warped Tour, and she dropped by to share her favorite memories of the tour so far. It's an exciting, exclusive look at the country's biggest touring festival, and we're glad to say that you can find it only on Baeble.]


I've had such a blast playing in cities I've never been to before, meeting new people and seeing new bands. I cover a song by a band from every city we hit to pay homage to the music I love. It's incredible thinking about all the people who came before and how their environment may have influenced their songwriting emotionally or stylistically. This is one of my favorite unreleased ones, a cover of Beirut in the desert in Albuquerque, New Mexico:


I'm with some super troopers who work for Vans - Freeze, Lauren, Anthony, Asia and Bear, another Acoustic Basement artist Koji who is a dope musician and a dope human being, and literally a bunch of comedians. Eli Olsberg, Grant Cotter, Amir K, and Beth Stelling to name a few are running The Laugh Button Warped Comedy tent on the tour and they are hilarious. Everyone on the bus is super sweet and chill and it makes coming home to the bus after a long day of work really nice. I love them.

Bus mate / party pics:

(Amir K's bday was during the first week so Koji got him a piñata)


My album Nothin' Left to Lose came out on the last ever New Music Tuesday June 30th (stream some singles here and purchase it here!) and we had a day off in Nashville which is one of my favorite places ever! I partied on Broadway at the Honky Tonks with some friends which was a great way to celebrate. Then I met up with some tourmates including Brian Marquis who runs the Acoustic Basement and sang karaoke at Santa's Pub. I was pretty rowdy.

(Photo of Brian Marquis and I at Santa's Pub in Nashville)


The day we played the Nashville fairgrounds (starting a 12-day run with no days off) and there was a CRAZY storm and everyone came together to keep each other safe. We had to batten down the hatches and cut power for about an hour so everyone's sets got pushed back. I was doing an Instagram takeover for New Music Inferno so I documented a lot of it.


The Acoustic Basement stage is super special and I recommend everyone who goes to Vans Warped Tour this summer check it out. The lineup is so diverse and talented and the stage itself is really intimate. I have a lot of fun with my fellow artists and interacting with the crowd. Their favorite song from my new album is "River" because there are some fun stomps and claps that get everyone involved.

Last but not least,


Every year, VWT partners with Unite the United and Living the Dream Foundation and hosts a charity bowling competition in Arizona. This year I was on the Acoustic Basement stage team. I am NOT good at bowling. My team did not win, however I did take home the trophy for Gutterball Champion.

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