Exclusive Music Video Premiere: The Fervor
  • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 01, 2011

  • Posted by: Matt Howard

The Fervor are an impressive Louisville Kentucky based outfit that can count one very prominent local, musical ambassador as a faithful fan. My Morning Jacket's Jim James teamed up with the band to help produce their second album, Arise, Great Warrior...and he offered us a little insight as to why he was so eager to work with the rock quartet.

"I had a dream I was being chased by two lions...their manes shining in the sun and blowing in the breeze as they chased me across an African plain with no end in sight or shelter of any kind. Hoping I could outwit them, I dove into a stream (thinking perhaps they could not smell me if I was underwater) but they dove right in after me and sank their teeth into my neck...and I remember laying there in the water watching the life force flow from my body into the stream with a beautiful rainbow-like quality...almost the same way motor oil looks in a puddle of rain...and it just felt so peaceful... I understood it was all so natural...survival of the fittest...and I got the same feeling when I first heard the liquid strands of The Fervor's "Arise Great Warrior" flow thru my ears. It all feels so natural and peaceful...a necessary part of life, new born and floating freely in the cosmos forever now."

It's a sentiment the band managed to roll up into this exclusive video premier of "Crazy For The Feeling". Here, The Fervor invite you on a thrilling cat and mouse journey. With their villainous band mates hot on their tail, Natalie and Ben Felker elude capture in their vintage, plum sedan. Natalie's charming bellows contrast the song's tormenting rock n' roll vibe, which gives both the tune and the plot a quirky veneer.

Watch the full video at Baeblemusic.com

The Fervor's Arise, Great Warrior is out now via Removador Recordings and Solutions (digital)/SonaBLAST (CD)/Karate Body (vinyl).

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