The Personal Musings of Alice Boman
  • THURSDAY, MAY 08, 2014

  • Posted by: Tayi Sanusi

Alice Boman, the Swedish singer that reminds us all of the beauty and power of saying what you mean. In her music you won't find any over-thought metaphors or manufactured prose; just vulnerability in the purest and simplest form. The women behind the stunningly evocative and mystifying EP Skisser was kind enough to give us a glimpse into her artistic inspirations and some personal musings on her journey thus far.

Both your lyrics and vocal quality seem to harness a deep strength that is also firmly rooted in often musicians use their music as a kind of public journal to vent...what function does your music serve for you?

I think it is like that for me too. It's essential for me to sing and write. It's my way of expressing things, seeing things in another light, making things and feelings easier to grasp and to handle. And of course, also for the joy of it.

In regards to your latest EP Skisser, how would you describe the overall theme and what things were important for you to communicate?

Well, regarding that EP and those recordings, they where never meant to be released. So when recording them I had no thoughts of what to communicate, really. I mean, I guess you always want to communicate things, but I think it is often unconsciously. You just need to get things out of your system. And then you hope, since we are all so much alike, that people can relate to those things.

What musicians (both old and new) do you feel have influenced you stylistically?

I guess everything I like and everything that touches me does affect and influence me in different ways. And I like a lot of different musicians and kinds of music. But mostly I listen to older music. There is often a special feeling about that sound; an authenticity. Today, a lot more music feels overproduced and fake somehow. I've listened a lot to Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Townes Van Zandt. And I love Kate and Anna McGarrigle and their way of singing together.

What originally drew you to music? Are there any specific life experiences that you feel illuminated that part of your identity?

I think music has always been important to me, I grew up in a musical home and so it's always had quite a big part in my life. I've been singing and playing since I was a kid. But I guess it was much later that I really realized how important it was for me to actually do this. Maybe when I found a way to write my own songs. That was some kind of turning point.

What would you say has been the highlight of your journey thus far?

I think there are highlights all the time, both smaller and bigger. But to get the chance to, in the very beginning of this whole thing, support Matthew E. White, was a big thing. I had listened a lot to his album and found his music very inspiring. Something hit me then, but a lot of this is like a dream.

The simplicity with which you present your music is part of what many find so compelling, but have you had any interest in dabbling in other areas stylistically or do you see yourself as having found your niche?

For now, it feels like I just started to explore this, and I guess it will always be like that. I like this way of writing and recording. I'm very fond of simplicity. But it would be fun and interesting to work in other ways and in different constellations in the future and I hope to do that. To add more instruments, more layers.

In your opinion what would you say are the main differences between Scandinavian music and the popular music in the states? What cultural elements (if any) have influenced you?

I don't think I have a good answer to those questions. Can you hear where from something comes? Well maybe. I guess the big difference in the music that I listen to that comes from Sweden and the popular music that I have heard from the States are the productions. The productions feels bigger and more polished in the States. But I guess you can find all kinds of music everywhere nowadays. And when it comes to Sweden, I guess there is something about the long winters. They affect you and I know people talk about that a lot. That those winters are a reason why there's so much good music coming out of here. Also, I think it is a very open climate, you are able to experiment. And with so much good music around you, you feel inspired.

So we know you've been on tour, but after you rap that up... what's next?

Yeah, I just visited LA and New York for some private show cases and sessions and now I'm back in Sweden and looking forward to the release of my EP ll, June 3rd. And then I'm going to play some festivals this summer, mostly in the UK. Green Man and End of the Road among others. That's gonna be great. And also, I long to get time to write some new songs.

When you're not performing, or writing music, what keeps you busy?

I love eating, and cooking. And I spend a lot of my time with my friends; eating and cooking. And I love to go out dancing. As well as watching movies, taking photographs and taking long walks. Being outdoors makes me feel good.

What has been your favorite destination you've performed at so far?

Oh. I think it would have to be the latest one; New York. Maybe because it's the most recent in my memory. But I have always dreamed of going there and to get to go there for the first time doing this, singing and playing, that was such a great feeling. And it is such a great city. Inspiring.

Check out the latest single "Over" off of her EP II due out June 3rd. Pre-order your copy HERE.

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