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  • WEDNESDAY, MAY 21, 2008

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I have no idea what Meho Plaza is, and neither does this record, but I like it.

Does anyone else get the feeling that there is cute little indie-pop hiding somewhere in this loud noise? If there is any such filling in Meho Plaza and their new self-titled (Better Looking Records), it's completely obscured with the flavor of distortion and loud synth fuzz. But hey, it tastes good.

It's the first full length from the L.A. underground favorite, and it's pretty good. After gathering a devoted following, not to mention a nod from the "Forkast" as a favorite new track, they are catching attention.

Some of the tracks remind me of Forward, Russia!, minus about 50% of the intense anger infused switch-tempo rocking, sprinkled with a bit of indie pop melodies, and topped with confusion. The riff on "Your Future Looks Bright," and "Let's play Police" is very off-kilter, Queens of the Stone Age type stuff. And the direction of the record is never clear. But I mean it in a good way; the record holds together and keeps it's appeal by surprising us with each track. At first you think this is a distorted beat-rock record, then it sounds like a Jeff Magnum brain-fart. Then I literally run out of ways to describe it (or so many combinations come to mind I might scare someone with my smash-up giving-birth-to metaphors). I might still try, what about "Lacrosse" sounding like an Animal Collective and Beirut love child? OK, I'm done.

Let's just say that if you're in an adventurous mood, and you want to hear something different that's actually still relatable, pick this one up. -joe puglisi

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