The Powerful But Vulnerable Intimacy Of Jessica Domingo
  • FRIDAY, MAY 15, 2015

  • Posted by: Don Saas

There's a trend in media consumption today that both enamors me as someone who loves the idea of the democratization of the consumption of art but also terrifies me as someone who makes his living writing about it (the fear being that people won't need me someday). The internet has torn down the barriers between the old models of how you can be famous, and YouTube "stars" (which, let's face it, don't need to be put in quotations anymore) have been at the forefront of breaking these walls down for a decade now. And Jessica Domingo is one such star that's no longer going to need the "Youtube" prefix.

We're premiering the video for her newest single, "Everything Just Wasn't Enough," and it's a track that charms on multiple levels. Above all else, Jessica Domingo's plaintive and yearning voice fuses gorgeous vocal textures with honest and vulnerable emotion. But the lush arrangements which fuse 60s string elegance and modern folk intimacy bring a sense of urgency to Jessica's highly personal tale.

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