Premiere: Dave Doobinin 'Skywriter'
  • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2014

  • Posted by: Aimee Curran

Dave Doobinin has the easy-on-the-ears kind of voice that can transport you back to significant points and times in your memory. His new single "Skywriter," has potential to pull at heartstrings, and Baeble is excited to be home to the video's premiere.

Set in a country pasture, the video has a grainy film effect as Dave walks a dirt trail in a white suit with a black duffle bag. The video is reflective, dreamy, and feels much longer than the best possible way.

About the video and song, Dave tells Baeble, The song is about the truth that each of us finds in certain moments of our lives. Simple things, Like a slant of light across a driveway. In the case of Skywriter, it was a little kid dragging a radio flyer wagon through the sand at the beach. The video is an impressionistic take on how those moments add up to the passing of time.

"Skywriter" can be found on Dave's upcoming album, The Left Side, out Jan 13th. You can pre-order a copy HERE on iTunes.

Click play below!

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