Kesha and Iggy Pop Duet in 'Dirty Love'
  • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 2012

  • Posted by: Madison Murphy

We finally know why Ke$ha has been brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack for all these years: she most recently declared, "Champagne tastes like piss to me," in her latest single, "Dirty Love."

So what do Calvin Harris, Sia, Wayne Coyne, Sia, and Iggy Pop all have in common with Ke$ha? They're all contributors on her second studio album, Warrior. This dance-pop-rock (whatever you'd like to call it) album somewhat steps away from the auto tune-driven forces of "Tik Tok" and "We R Who We R," but hasn't made the leap into rock'n'roll just yet.

"Dirty Love" is Ke$ha's lead single for Warrior, and it features the infamous Iggy Pop. It sounds like a kickass time with an upbeat mix of recklessness with a rockstar mentality, but we aren't completely positive Ke$ha has put away her glitter-spewing guns for good.

Ke$ha has been open about her Neil Young, Zeppelin, AC/DC influences ever since her breakthrough three years ago. There is definitely more singing (and screeching) on this track, with a guitar-driven sound instead of a rap beat.

If rock music is what this wild child is going for, she seems to be facing the right path. With Iggy Pop howling, "Cockroaches do it in garbage cans," you have to commend both artists for doing what they do best: having an absolutely preposterous time not giving a damn.

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