Adele Continues Her Reign On Top On Fallon
  • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2015

  • Posted by: Vince Brigante

Who knew Adele could be so funny? Well yeah, we did. But now the world knows as well. Adele's appearance on The Tonight Show was sensational. She was charming, engaging, and her performance was musically vivacious.

Adele's music is super difficult to specify. There's pop influences, often there are marks of early soul records, and you even bat your lashes a few times when she'll do something comparable to an early Mariah. She performed "Water Under The Bridge" on The Tonight Show and as always, it sounded like listeners were hearing her music through surround sound, noise-cancelling headphones. Not a single note was fumbled. Adele is going to be under media supervision for the next few months as they'll be waiting for her to slip. But with her track record, and her literal record, 25, we have a feeling the media's going to get pretty frustrated waiting for that day. Adele; you are fantastic.

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