Kesha's Letters From Rehab
  • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2014

  • Posted by: Rebecca Chodorkoff

The tangled feud between Kesha and her longtime producer Dr. Luke grows ever more grotesque and complicated, as letters written by the star during her stint in rehab implicate Dr. Luke further, and seem to reinforce the authenticity of her claims of sexual and emotional abuse—claims that Dr. Luke and his legal team have sued the singer for, arguing that the allegations are lies meant to extort Dr. Luke.

Letters that Kesha wrote to fans while in rehab name the producer, and back-up accusations that she has made. One letter, written on the page of a coloring book, states "Yes, Dr. Luke has tortured me & my family he did do what people know about + so much more terrible shit, BUT I have to be a warrior and live by my own words & be PROUD of my perfectly imperfect body & self."

Dr. Luke played a major role in the success of Kesha's career (working with her on four number one singles including "TiK ToK", "We R Who We R" and "Timber"), and it no doubt has taken a lot of courage for the singer to stand strong and distance herself from an abuser with whom her career was so intimately intertwined.

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