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Aficionados should realize that this is a Bob Dylan cover, but the boys from France make it their own. Pending their commercialization post-Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, it is nice to see them still creating surprises while peddling Cadillacs. Commercial/MP3 after the jump.

Devotees will recall Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix was our favorite of 2009. We gave it great marks. It was met with great opportunities, a super-sweet sold out doubletake at Summerstage, and a deal with the Caddys. Check it:

The band's future is only speculation at this point, but after their breakout '09 year, we could see their next record escalate them to stadium status. Time will tell. - joe puglisi

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MP3:"Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands (Bob Dylan Cover)"
Phoenix on Myspace

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