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In this mysterious, snowbound video for “Curious”, Holopaw leave their audience in feeling just that…Curious about what they just watched.

Artist Bio

John Orth
Jeffrey Hays
Jeff McMullen
Patrick Quinney
Ryan Quinney
Matt Radick

Where From:
Gainesville, FL

Year Formed:

Holopaw is a long-loved independent rock band from Gainesville, FL. In addition to Paw, frontman John Orth has also performed alongside Modest Mouses Isaac Brock as Ugly Casanova. After a set of releases on Sub Pop, and one with Bakery Outlet, the band has signed on with Misra for its finest album to date. The Golden Sparklers b/w Yearlings Darlings 7? saw release in late 2012. Holopaw issued the unparalleled Academy Songs, Volume I. in January of 2013.

Source: Artist Site

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