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Last month we shared with you the common love that binds the members of newish, folk rock leaning quartet Chief together. A month ahead of their Domino debut, Modern Rituals, the band recently released this theatric piece of video, cut to first single "Night & Day". Here the band play entertainment to a sophisticated party gathering...though all is not well as a dramatic quarrel rages throughout. It's the perils of love that put two attendees at odds with one another...though we're guessing the common love we spoke of is quite safe in the hands of the friends and brothers that comprise Chief.

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Chief is a four person band from Santa Monica, California, stationed in Los Angeles, California. Chief has released three singles entitled "Mighty Proud," "Breaking Walls", and "Night And Day," as well as an EP called "The Castle Is Gone" and their debut and only full album, Modern Rituals. All of these releases (except for the EP which was released under their own record label) have been via Domino Records. They have been compared to bands such as Coldplay and Local Natives by The New York Times. The Times goes on to say "Mr. Koga can sound like the young Tom Petty." Other reviews of Chief have similarly been generally good. On June 14, 2011, they played their farewell show at The Troubadour but began performing together again one year later.




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