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Do you remember your first punk show? The sweat-soaked, electric fury that infected the hundred or so maniacs around you, all of whom thrashed in worship of the three or four enraged faces on stage; it hit you as hard as the most devious high. Lately, we've been hard-pressed to find our riotous fix as shows have become more of a spectator sport. That was, until we invited The Thermals to perform at The Launch Pad down in Austin.

The ingredients were perfect. The Thermals had just released their latest record Desperate Ground on the emblematic indie label Saddle Creek, and it reached deep into their rowdiest roots. With Hutch Harris's songwriting as grimly inspiring as ever, the Portland punk trio led our at-capacity dive bar into a turbulent state of awe. With Hutch and Westin themselves diving head-first into the sea of ravenous fans, this was truly one of the most memorable concerts we've filmed to date. Be sured to stick it out til the end - during the closing song "Here's Your Future", a faithful fan hops on stage, grabs the mic and finishes the final few lines.


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The Thermals

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