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Differentiation doesn't always come naturally, but Reptar seems to come with the word "unique" built in, or at least stapled on somewhere on their jean jackets. Named not for nostalgia, but to prove a point about how band names are dumb, the band rips through southern independant rock staples with a razor-sharp ear for hooks and a hilarious stage presence, all while emitting the sincerity of your local singer/songwriter (with twice the appeal, and half the pussyfooting). Their in-your-face style is apparent all over their debut Body Faucet which leaks refreshing noises all over your speaker cones.

The band emotes as much frantic enjoyment on stage as they do on the album. Lead singer Graham Ulicny sings as if he is doing as he pleases with his voice-- each croon and wail is a gleeful burst of color in the soundscape. The riffs jingle like so many familiar buzzy acts, but Reptar winds up being both exhilarating and one-of-a-kind-- the closest thing to a new breed of pop we've seen emerge from the rock sphere this year.


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