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Swiss/German duo BOY offer up picture perfect, acoustic snapshots in our latest video captured from this past year's edition of our Launch Pad Party in Austin Texas. The band's debut Mutual Friends is a bit of a European phenomenon, thanks in part to its' insanely catchy lead single "Little Numbers". Performed here, the song is full of giddy optimism, impossible to ignore, and ripe for taking with you wherever you might go (the appropriate term here is earworm). The band also pepper their set with stories of getting away ("Drive Darling"), candid everyday encounters ("Waitress"), and even those disturbing moments life has a tendency to throw at you every now and then ("Boris"). Ups, downs, chaotic spin arounds: to the tune of Valeska Steiner's beautifully lilting melodies and Sonja Glass' smooth acoustics, BOY write graceful and uplifting songs, navigating both the subtleties and complexities of everyday life with grace and optimism. Oh, and they're probably the best thing you'll hear all day.


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