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New York City's AVAN LAVA began putting their super-pop act out on display back in 2010, and they're showing no signs of slowing down. The release of their first EP Vapors created an upbeat, enthusiastic, high energy sound that people can move to. "It's Never Over", their debut single, premiered as a feature on Youtube Music, and their video for the track "Sisters" has racked up more than 105,000 views.

AVAN LAVA made sure to bring the party down to Austin for this year's Launch Pad, and their influence on the audience was electric. The group of five played tracks from their upcoming album, which feature passionate lyrics, soulful vocals, and powerful synth-beats. It's a 30-minute long aerobic extravaganza of over-the-top sing-alongs and flashy dance-alongs all infected by a furious 80s soul appeal.


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