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Toeing the line between indie leaning, experimental concepts and pop of a more commercial appeal, Maria Apetri -- aka Fallulah -- is an inventive and ambitious rising star. Already a platinum selling star in her homeland, the Danish artist's debut album The Black Cat Orchestra is chock full of kaleidoscopic sounds, peppy percussive rhythms, and Apetri's enchanting vocals. It's cool and curious, the kind of whimsical collection that will slide in easily next to albums by Bat For Lashes, Lykke Li, and Oh Land. To source it live, Fallulah gathered a super charged ensemble of musicians and vocalists at our Launch Pad Party, ricocheting through a high-flying, genre-bending performance. Our personal highlights include the light and breathy vibes of "Out Of It", the thumpy drive of "Bridges", and the unhinged attitude simmering at the heart of "New York, You're My Concrete Lover".


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