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The frigid North Atlantic seems to be ripe with great folk rock bands, like Iceland's Of Monsters and Men and the harvest of tremendous sounds that have been emanating from the Scandanavias. Another Northern European nation with a rich history in folk is Scotland, and its latest treat, six-piece Admiral Fallow, visited us in Brooklyn to take the stage at The Launch Pad. Traditional in many senses, the band charges up their melodies with flute and clarinet, which overlay poetically mournful lyrics. Following the 2012 release of the group's sophomore LP, Tree Bursts In Snow, we were priveleged to catch live performances of their freshest folk ballads like the richly harmonized "Beetle In The Box" and the angry roll of "The Paper Trench." We invite you to set sail to the mighty north, where overcast skies and cold temperatures produce musicians in their sincerest forms.


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Admiral Fallow

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