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Matisyahu's latest album Light is a rich and robust collection of studio thumpers, inspired by a three year period of religious teachings, and pulling musical inspirations from his vast travels across the crust of this big blue globe along the way. In support of the release, Baeble was ever so lucky to be given the opportunity to open the doors of The Guest Apartment up to the reggae superstar, capturing this authentic, unassuming performance during Matis' stay here.

Aligned in what the group call the "dub trio" formation, Matis, along with guitarist Aaron Dugan and keyboard player Rob Marscher, give listeners a unique glimpse of the modest places several songs from Light most likely sprung from. During the session, the trio build mood and intensity with help of Dugan's pristine fingerings on the acoustic guitar, Marscher's billowy palms of warm keyboard work, and, of course, Matis' impeccable pairing of his humanistic message with lodged in your head type melodies. It's a mostly mellow makeup; that is until Matis' startling, yet god-given talent for beat boxing seizes all attention, bringing the universal, spiritual heart of his life and his music alive for all peoples lucky enough to hear it. - David Pitz


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