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Australian songwriter Kate Miller Heidke titled her most recent album Curiouser, and in this lighthearted segment of The Guest Apartment it's fairly evident why. Here, through candid bits of conversation and four exclusive performances, she and husband/accompanist Keir Nuttall investigate a variety of moods and emotions, giving their tunes a unique and theatric twist in the process. "Are you F*cking Kidding Me" touches on a certain social networking platform's ability to unexpectedly unearth buried emotions from the past, for example. "Politics In Space" points to Kate's possible disappointment with being born in the wrong era. And "CAught in the Crowd" provides an emotional high point, with the duo ruminating the remains of some childhood guilt. It's all a bit folksy, experimental, and frankly a lot of fun...though I suspect Kate's personal motivations are a bit more serious underneath the surface. It's evident she uses her songs to take stock of the issue's in her life, and something tells me she would like you to take a little something away from them as well. So have a look at our latest Guest Apartment Session. Perhaps it'll leave you feeling curiouser about your own life. - David Pitz


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Kate Miller Heidke

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