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Generally speaking, a performance from Two Gallants will leave your ears a bit beaten up. Tyson Vogel roughs up his drums pretty good, while singer Adam Stephens snarls his way through a wall of hollow bodied distortion; a glorious thing we've witnessed before. But the band's newest offering The Bloom and the Blight (their first in four years) has some inverse offerings; alternately explosive and curtailed all at once. It's the spirit of the later which our recent cabin session with the boys draws its' inspiration from. For those of you at home, that means a beautiful but somewhat raw dose of finger picked acoustic guitar, rusty and weathered pulls on a harmonica and the most sporadic dabs of percussion we imagine Tyson's ever held himself to. Still, it's a beautiful noise...one we can't wait for you to hear in this unique session.


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Two Gallants

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