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We were convinced that it was going to rain all week. We scoured the weather reports, debated multiple models, and ultimately accepted that yes, one of the most ambitious concert shoots we have ever put together would ultimately be washed away. The only words of comfort were printed on the concert tickets for the evening. "Rain or Shine", which of course, venues and promoters never actually mean. Maybe the CHVRCHES' World Tour opener at SummerStage in Central Park could survive a little wet stuff. But we were warned. Should any lightning strike within a 10 mile radius, this baby would be doomed. We packed up and loaded our gear into the venue anyway.

If you've been following the site for the last few months, you no doubt already know that the show miraculously went off without a hitch. The band kicked off their latest tour in support of their brilliant, sophomore album Every Open Eye, we filmed the inspiring performance, and even got to spend some time with both the band and their fans on what is now a rather memorable, later summer day in Manhattan's most famous, green oasis.

Central Park SummerStage is as iconic of a location as they come...can you think of a more beautiful and thrilling setting to catch a show? But that evening also represented something so much more than a great gig in a stunning location. Yes, this was the beginning of taking CHVRCHES' new album and flashy stage production on a trip around the globe. But the show also marks loftier ambitions as a band, not to mention bigger expectations from fans and critics. So, in many ways, we were capturing one of the most important moments in the band's history together. To say we were humbled to be chosen for the work would be a serious understatement.

As it turns out, the only electricity zipping through the venue that night would be coming from the stage. It would rain though...on cue actually, in the most scripted/magical way possible during the band's intense performance of "Clearest Blue". But don't just skip ahead. Hit play and experience the entirety of this 50 minute long document (along with CHVRCHES classics like "Leave A Trace", "Never Ending Circles", "Under The Tide, "Recover", and of course, "The Mother We Share) of an unbelievably special moment. Like a lot of you, we have been rooting for Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook, and Martin Doherty's ever since we first encountered the band back in 2013. After witnessing this show in the park, it's clear CHVRCHES have taken their place amongst the world's most exciting young bands. And we are so very excited to finally be able to show it to you.

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A lot has changed for CHVRCHES in the past few years.

When the Glaswegian trio wrote and recorded their debut, The Bones Of What You Believe (2013), no one had heard of them. The three members (Iain Cook, Martin Doherty and Lauren Mayberry) came together with the idea of working on a writing project together, unsure of what path that would take other than one which belied their previous musical projects and foregrounded melody and classic songwriting styles before everything else. There were no pre-existing ideas of what the record would or should be like, no pre-conceptions and nothing to live up to just three people in a basement studio in Glasgow making music they believed in.

The Bones of What You Believe went on to sell over 500,000 albums worldwide. The band enjoyed critical success, with accoladed coming from Pitchfork, Spin, Rolling Stone, Q, NME and many more. They made their debut US TV performance on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon, and then went on Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Late Show with Letterman and Last Call with Carson Daly. Theyve clocked in 364 shows in 2 years, selling out venues across the world and making signature appearances at Coachella, Bonnaroo, Sasquatch, Lollapalooza, Australasias Laneway Festival, Reading & Leeds, Summer Sonic in Japan and countless others before retiring back into the studio for another go.

Approaching the new album, one could argue that everything is different for the band but they tried not to treat it that way. CHVRCHES returned to the same hometown studio that had housed them during the recording of their first LP, their basic goal to shut off the outside world and get back to what they know best: writing.

Made in CHVRCHES Alucard Studios a converted three-bedroom flat on the southside of Glasgow Every Open Eye offers an alternative approach in a climate of music written by committee or the same handful of well-known songwriters, going back to the idea that a band can write, record and produce their work entirely by themselves.

Using some ideas the band had recorded in venues during their time on the road as a starting point, the band found riffs, loops and melodies they wanted to develop or started from scratch on the synths, pads and machines they had been gathering in their basement to create the instrumentals of the songs. Vocal melodies were developed as the songs took shape with the lyrics added last, developed from words and sentences from notebooks Mayberry had kept on tour.

Musically, Every Open Eye seeks to do more with less. To make big sounds without racking up endless tracks within Cubase sessions. To make something intense and urgent and visceral, using the basic tools of melody, rhythm and arrangement rather than the mentality that 'more is more. Sonically, Every Open Eye develops CHVRCHES signature style, juxtaposing the light and the dark, creating their own brand of twisted pop music that uniquely merges the organic with the electronic, molding sounds and ideas forged over two years on the road into an electronic-pop record with a heart.

Lyrically, Every Open Eye is not a break up album. It is a record about past heartbreaks and getting over them ('Leave A Trace). About perspective and the benefit of hindsight. About being unapologetic and not being told what to do or who to be ('Bury It, 'Never Ending Circles, 'Playing Dead). About moving on to better things, holding on to the good and letting go of the bad ('Down Side Of Me, 'Clearest Blue, 'Afterglow).

Mixed by Spike Stent and mastered by Bob Ludwig, Every Open Eye will be released on September 25, 2015 via Glassnote. Lead single 'Leave A Trace is out on July 16.

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