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We recently teamed up with our friends at Industry City, Bust Magazine, and Filament at The Landing to help put together an event celebrating Women's History Month (Marth). Baes + Brews - a relaxed, cocktail-powered take on our Bands + Brews series - took place here at Industry City in Sunset Park BK last month, bringing a variety of folks together for some delicious bites, refreshing drinks, and music, curated by yours truly.

One of those artists was Felicity; an 18 year-old, South African vocalist who packs a voice that reminisces of some of those other artists you know by first name only (Adele, Florence, etc.). Now residing in the states, Felicity is starting to make her mark, particularly with her single "Pilot with a Fear of Heights". "It's about fulfilling a destiny you know you have to, even though you're still afraid of what the outcome might be," she told us after a stripped down, acoustic performance for the event. Accompanied by a cellist and guitar player, her performance here is any many ways an ode to her roots. Though she started singing when she was 10 or 11, she discovered the violin much earlier in life. Even that was apparently part of some greater plan. "I did classical music so I could do pop music, if that makes sense. So the transition has been amazing because I love pop music".

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Felicity is 18 years old originally from Australia by way of Cape Town, South Africa. She recently signed to Grammy-Winner Brian Kierulf from 52twelve productions, who has written and produced for Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Mike Posner and much more.


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