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To say there are many female singer-songwriters in the indie pop scene would be a massive understatement, and the playbill at Hype Machine's Hype Hotel made their presence ever more clear. While down in Austin, we witnessed the revamped Solange Knowles and the massively blogged about Sky Ferriera, but we also caught our first glimpses of British newcomers Charli XCX and Foxes. Don't be misled by the plurality of the latter's name, for 'Foxes' is the handle of 23-year-old English solo songstress Louisa Rose Allen. After releasing her debut EP Warrior she quickly climbed the Hype Machine charts, which we're certain inspired her invite to the massive showcase held down in Austin.

Being that it was our first time seeing Foxes live, we noticed a few things about her performance. Although surrounded by her traveling band, Louisa manages to hijack all attention - it's a quality of her stage presence, and the fact that she's a total fox herself certainly helps. Additionally, her live performance of songs like the highly acclaimed "White Coats", transcended the actual studio recordings as her voice bellowed, never missing a key. We're officially hooked on the appropriately named singer, and we're certain 'Foxes' will soon be a recognizable name in the U.S.

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