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We aim to keep track of the most buzzed about indie groups, and we're confident in our assessment that Scottish synth-pop trio CHVRCHES will continue to coast atop the crest of of the indie wave. Fronted by their pixie-like frontwoman, Lauren Mayberry, the group caught attention with their Recover EP, which stormed our sound waves with its gripping synth rhythms and enslaving party choruses.

We were initially surprised to see such a fervent turnout of faithful fans for the newcomer's show at the I Guess I'm Floating/YVYNYL party at Hype Machine's Hype Hotel down in Austin, Texas. But after being quickly acclimated to the group's commanding performance, we were singing right along with their most devoted admirers. We urge you to watch their performance below, and dare you to avoid becoming a member of the rapidly growing CHVRCHES legion.


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