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For the last handful of decades, pop music has been the United Kingdom's most prominent export delivered to the United States. As time has gone on, our big brother nation has continued to be two steps ahead when it comes to musical style, and that sibling domination seems to be thriving. Their latest product comes in the form of Charli XCX, a sexed-up personification of pop pandemic who swiftly caught the attention of her home nation with her synthy tunes and rock star attitude, is currently enveloping the States with the release of her debut LP True Romance (out 4/16 via IAMSOUND).

During her stay in the U.S., Charli swung through Austin, making her big stop at the Gorilla Vs. Bear party at Hype Machine's Hype Hotel. Charli XCX will bring out the party-hungry teen in everyone, even the most stoic grandpas.

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