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Long before taking to the stage at Coachella, the boys from White Arrows were just a bunch of pre-teen groms sneaking into the festival under the guise of being famous. After releasing their debut LP Dry Land Is Not A Myth last summer, the band was finally invited this year to help open the festival two weekends in a row. The band is described under the super niche sub-genre of Psychotropical Pop, which provokes thoughts of magic mushrooms doused in pina coladas, but aptly describes their lax style and musical flavor. It's a lot like if Vampire Weekend got themselves Hawaiian shirts, and took a lot of LSD during a West Coast vacation - it's great. The band fit right in alongside the pool at our backyard oasis and brought the psych-trop tunes, as well as some interesting sunglasses. Enjoy this Festival Fever Session clip of the band's performance of "I Can Go".

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White Arrows

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