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"Imagine if you were walking along the floor and then suddenly you realized you were walking along the ceiling. You're not in pain, you're not necessarily in danger, but you would freak out. It wouldn't make any sense to you." That quote from Chris Cain is probably the most elaborate way we've ever heard of a band decipher the stripped-down, acoustic vibes we sometimes demand during our Dead Kitten Sessions from fully fleshed-out album tracks, but we'd expect no less from a pack of scientists.

Cain and Keith Murray, the side-splitting musicians who power We Are Scientists, always seem to provide as much entertainment between takes as they do with their anthemic, sing-along indie rock offerings; the latest collection being the exotically titled TV en Francais. Earlier this winter the rather dashing pair swung by our pad, bringing a few songs from the collection and that ludicrous, always-on sense of humor with them. Apparently it wasn't their first rodeo. "We used to do sessions for other sites, other services, and it was always missing something, we never knew what it was," Cain joked for our benefit. "It never scratched the itch. Now we're done, no more sessions," added Murray. So I guess this it, the last ever We Are Scientists session, exclusively on Baeble! Not so fast "We'll probably chase the high for a couple more sessions but I doubt that we're going to find this again," concluded Cain. Fine. But we're using their rave reviews anyway to market the shit out of this this rather preposterous, oh so enjoyable get together with We Are Scientists.


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