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Delta Rae's Americana roots are no sham in an era where Americana has become all the commercial rage and labels are increasingly finding ways to twist its appeal to make quick cash. A family folk-rock act from North Carolina, Delta Rae is home to the Holljes siblings (Ian, Eric, and Brittany) as well as Elizabeth Hopkins, Mike McCee, and Grant Emerson. And with their southern roots and familial connection, Delta Rae understands what the key to great Americana is: emotional authenticity.

It's impossible to listen to the otherworldly wails of Elizabeth and Brittany and not be moved. Between Brittany's soaring vocal range and the raw, vulnerable texture of Elizabeth's voice, they create a grand sweep to their music without feeling like forced theatricality. Add in the soaring strings and propulsive keys that also define the band's sound, and you have a group that is equal parts Bruce Springsteen and Fleetwood Mac, but with a modern, youthful quality that sets them apart.

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Delta Rae is an American folk rock band formed in Durham, North Carolina. They began as a four-piece ensemble and added McKee and Emerson to the dynamic in 2010. Their name hails from a fictional story the Holljeses' mother intended to write about a Southern girl named Delta Rae who summons the Greek gods to earth.


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