Anabel Englund

Artist bio

A native of Southern California, Englund started her career writing for ABC Family TV. Her passion, immediately influenced by the electronic dance community, she quickly became immersed in the scene. Her rich, sultry delivery is undeniable. It is her distinct, audio signature that has brought her into her own solo career. In late 2016, she put out a cool, house vibe with London Headache on Defected Records. Her smoky vocals tell a story of love and youthful abandon over a carefree beat perfect for poolside sunsets or scenic canyon drives. She'll tap into a similar energy on a forthcoming EP. on role in the production process, she captures the energy and vibe of the music that lives in her mind. Recently, Englund landed another hit: Gari Safari, a touring one-size- fits-all party series she helps curate with her brother and friends. It is all about the beauty and diversity of live dance music. Whether turning up in the south Florida sun at Miami Music Week or going late night in New York City, the Gari Safari is a late night DJ scene that serves memorable, high-energy experiences with 100 percent live vocals and hours of original music. The theme is to let your inner animal shine, she sayswhich is exactly what lies at the heart of everything Englund touches. Englund bares her soul for all to see, and she's ready for her close up.

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