Baeblemusic is a New York-based music site dedicated to providing high quality, originally produced video content that extends far beyond its web-based home and its city borders. With well-trained eyes focused on emerging music scenes, Baeble crafts unique, narrative portraits of prominent and up-and-coming artists and bands. Through its full length concert videos and intimate sessions, Baeble is revolutionizing the way music is consumed by providing free front-row tickets to be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

With its editorial pages, Baeble is devoted to providing daily coverage on all things music and pop culture. From artist profiles and exclusive features to cynical and observational humor pieces, Baeble's writing staff dissects the news and forecasts the often unpredictable evolution of pop music.



After showing up as some hick kid from middle of nowhere WV for his interview to be an intern in 2011 (and not knowing how to operate the Baeble office buzzers), Don Saas couldn't be more excited to be Baeble's Managing Editor today helping to shape Baeble's editorial direction and voice -- even if he still isn't entirely sure how NYC buzzers work. Things weren't that fancy in the neck of the woods where he grew up, and those are literal forests we're talking about. Any requests for album coverage, song/video premieres/coverage, show coverage, and interviews can be sent his way at don (at) baeblemusic (dot) com.


It's very painful for David Pitz to watch his beloved Chicago Cubs fail to win the World Series...every single year. To keep distracted, Pitz plays the part of Content Manager, producing music performance related videos for Baeblemusic. Please help take his mind off the Cubs' losing ways by discussing any and all video opportunities with him, including multi-camera concert shoots, Guest Apartment sessions, recorded interviews, and/or distributing your artist's music videos. He can be reached at davidp (at) baeblemusic.com.


David Moffly is the founder of Baeblemusic. He is the big dog with a now a smaller office dog (Jupiter died for those of you who might miss him - This is his last cameo Jupiter's Epic Day. Hudson (a more compact pooch who loves the ladies) who can be seen roaming the office halls and in the occasional video, most recently stealing water from Jukebox The Ghost. While he enjoys boating and the occasional Yankees game, David spends most of his time working on business development for the site. So if you'd like to advertise, talk about sponsorships, or take him to dinner, you can email him at david.moffly (at) baeblemusic.com.

We hope you find your experience with the site to be easy, entertaining, and fun. However, if you are having problems with the site, - Please let us know.

Email: info@baeblemusic.com

Having problems with the site? - Let us know

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In The Living Room:

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Baeble Music is looking for a few good interns. If youre up on the indie rock/emerging artist scene, have a desire to get your feet wet in new media, and are not afraid of playing a vital role in an ever-evolving, constantly expanding website, please get in touch. Specifically, were looking for a few interns to work in the marketing and editorial departments. Each intern will be expected to work at Baeble HQ 15-20 hrs a week. Responsibilities and requirements below:

For marketing were also looking for one (2) social networking/new media intern. Responsibilities and requirements include:

- Maintaining and developing our community presence
- Must be familiar with social networking sites like Myspace, facebook, imeem, youtube, Live Journal etc.
- Tracking video play trends and uploading new video content to viral sites. Must have a basic to intermediate grasp of Excel
- Competent with internet research and know how to find things easily
- Blog video placement outreach must have a general familiaty with music blogs and understand how to find relabvant posts
- Coordinate the creation and gathering of online contest elements
- Creating new contest campaigns and seeing through idea to final product
- Must have an interest in music marketing

If interested, please send a cover letter and resume to jobs@baeblemusic.com. Please indicate which internship you are applying for. Please also include brief answers to the questions listed below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Marketing Questions - Please send in brief answers with your resume + cover letter:

- What are your go-to sources for information on music, finding new bands, and keeping up with bands you like?
- What type of experience in music marketing do you have?
- What social networking sites do you actively use? Which ones do you prefer?

For editorial/content, were looking for two (2) interns. Responsibilities include:

- Providing a variety of original editorial work, including blogs, album reviews, concert recaps, and feature articles
- Preparing website copy
- Providing a variety of web support for Baebles expanding catalogue of live concerts
- Soliciting/Collecting Music Videos
- Collecting B-Roll/On Camera Interviews
- Assisting in various areas of production when needed

Requirements - We're looking for interns who: - Are familiar and passionate for a wide variety of independent and emerging artists.
- Are familiar with both the major players and competitive nature of the new music media industry.
- Have experience and natural passion for writing about new and upcoming music/artists.
- Enjoy interviewing artists, attending/reviewing shows, and listening to new albums on a regular basis.
- Are organized and able to meet competing deadlines on a regular basis.

If interested, please send a cover letter and resume to jobs@baeblemusic.com. Please indicate you are applying for the Editorial/Content internship. Please also include brief answers to the questions listed below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Editorial Questions

-Why do you want to get involved with Baeble Music? What is it about the site that appeals to you?
- Name five of the albums that have been among your favorite, most memorable, or most influential in your life. Pick one of them and discuss briefly why it's so important to you.
- What have been your five favorite releases of this year? Pick one and discuss what it is your favorite of the year thus far.
- What's the last concert you attended on your own volition? Did it meet your expectations?
- What are your go-to sources for information on music, finding new bands, and keeping up with bands you like?
- What kind of experience within the field of music journalism do you have?